Finishing the City

one building at a time

by 3V1L5H0073R

on 28/05/2021 - 17:52

Roblast Island is a wacky project that is a combo of several ideas I've always wanted to see in games:

but before it came to that, I actually to embarked on the first point. I attempted to make some sorta island city game thing a while back but as with many of the projects I do, I get excited over ideas on day 1 then immediately get bored from building it and so leave it for later (which eventually turns into never). aofjaofg i can't find the link for this one (and im on a laptop rn in london and tbh it aint that deep since 1 person/month is gon read this so yh ig idc)
Before even THAT, I actually fully made a city that followed the 1st and 3rd point. I was insanely proud of it but it was almost the worst thing I have ever made. I made like 2 okay(-ish) attempts at making cities. The first of which I actually straight up stuck to and completed: Triple-Star City. ROBLAST, on the other hand, was going to be DIFFERENT. This time, I'm gonna STICK to the bloody project and not f off and instead dream of what it could be like. I started off by making the natural island first. This comprised of

anyway here's a song I was listening to while building a disco (unused atm but might fit it into the underground):